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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Heinrich Harrer Dies

Heinrich Harrer the author of the book 'Seven Years in Tibet'
has passed away January 7, 2006 in Austria at the age of 93.
A 1997 movie based on the book was directed by French director
Jean-Jacques Annaud, and starred Bratt Pitt in the role of
Heinrich Harrer. At the time of Harrer's death His Holiness
the Dalai Lama was giving the Kalachakra initiation in
Amravati, India. Sources quote HHDL saying, "We feel we
have lost a loyal friend from the West". Mr Harrer, he said "had
the unique opportunity to experience life in Tibet for seven long
years before Tibet lost its freedom. We Tibetans will always remember
Heinrich Harrer and will miss him greatly".

Friday, January 20, 2006

Balancing the Bagua

Balancing the Bagua

Feng Shui Strategies for Success

These strategies will support you in achieving your dreams or in finding your dream.
You will notice that the areas of the Bagua paired below are diagonally opposite each
other this means they are intimately linked, one supports the other. If you need
a Bagua map search google to download one. The Bagua is a map used to layout your
home and each room. To find where these areas are in your space, check out the Bagua

1. Connect with your purpose and your passion

The Career area (water) represents life purpose. And the Fame & Reputation area (fire) is about passion and integrity. Integrity is about living a whole life. Expressing your authentic self the one with dreams and passions and things you are here to do in this lifetime.

Great enhancements to support you in these areas are:
Career - a water fountain, picture of water
Fame & Reputation - candles, anything red, stars

2. Connect with your spirit

Your outer life is a reflection of your inner life. This area is about balancing
outer success with inner peace and being able to enjoy your accomplishments. The
Knowledge & Self Cultivation area of the Bagua is where we learn the lessons we
need to learn to connect with our Spirit. And this is connected with the Love &
Relationship area where we are given gifts of other people in our lives and learn
from them, particularly difficult people. What are the lessons you need to learn?

Knowledge & Self Cultivation - a great place to meditate, have a picture of mountains, symbols of wisdom & knowledge.
Love & Relationships - pairs of things, letters of appreciation, symbols of teamwork

3. Address any negative beliefs and take inspired actions
Your doubts and voices telling you that you can’t do something are what stand in the
way of achieving your dreams. It’s important to address these, and to have your
‘family of choice’ around you to cheer you on. The Health & Family area supports you
in addressing unfinished family issues and creating a healthy and fulfilled life,
living your potential. The Children & Creativity area supports you to take inspired actions. Sometimes we don’t go for our dreams because we don’t know how to do it. We don't have to know how to do it – trust that it will unfold as you ask your higher self and others for the next step. Take bite size pieces keeping your outcome firmly in view.

Health & Family - healthy plants, family pictures, symbols of good health
Children & Creativity - items associated with happy childhood memories, symbols of
creativity such as children’s paintings, creative projects

4. Enlist the support of your environment and helpful people
Live with what you love, and surround yourself with symbols of where you are going,
not where you’ve been. The Wealth & Prosperity area represents abundance of all good things. Prosperity, good feelings, fulfillment, love, success. And every other area of the Bagua affects it. You reflect the energy of your environment so you want that energy to be the highest it can be. No clutter bogging you down, no reminders of things you don’t want in your life. And no-one ever created anything without the help of others. The Helpful People area represents anything which supports you to achieve your dreams – workshops, mentors, books etc.

Wealth & Prosperity: Anything that gives you a feeling of abundance, anything you
would like more of.
Helpful People & Travel: a globe to symbolize travel or global expansion in your
business, pictures of anyone who is helpful to you.

5. Have everything in alignment
The Center is where it all comes together - your dreams, passions, beliefs,
environment, actions and your outcomes. This is when attraction happens effortlessly.

Enhancements for the Center
Pottery and earth tones, meditation area, symbols of harmony and balance.

Please comment by letting us know what ideas, cermonies or tricks you have used in special areas of your home which you feel worked well. Send a picture if you like.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kathmandu Jan 2006

Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 12:03:26 -0500
From: Tenpa Yungdrung

Subject: RE: News about Kathmandu

Dear Jackie,
Thank you very much for your mail and concerning about us. Yes, it is
true that maoist attacked on a police station killed 12 police and took some
money and weapons too very close to Kathmandu city. Same day and time,
they also attacked to tow other police station in Boudhanath and Bhaktapur
in Kathmandu. So the situation is getting quite tense here. The government
has declared cufew from 10pm to 4am until its further notice. But for us in
the monastery have not particular problem, but we are always in coutious.
Don't worry for this. We are quite concerning about the election which will
take place on the Feb. 8th. I thing this could cause some casualties. But i
wish not to happen such a thing. We will see and pray.

Otherwise, everything is going well in the monastery.
I send you all my best wishes and thanks again for the mail,

Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung

Monday, January 02, 2006

Feng Shui scents to reduce feelings of confusion and haziness

Try essential oils of Eucalyptus, hyssop, myrrh, marjoram, and fir

All scents are associated with one of feng shui's five elements. The metal element helps clarify mental processes and stimulates the gathering of information and the shaping of ideas. Choosing one of the metal element scents helps you focus on the solutions you may need following a loss and keeps you engaged in mitigating emotional pain.

Suggested Cures: Diffuse eucalyptus oil to help you overcome the inability to move forward and to enhance your ability to relinquish whatever no longer serves you.

Purchase hyssop essential oil and use it on a scent ring - the kind that rests on a lamps light bulb - to dispel gloom and negativity and improve concentration by invigorating your mind and reducing nervous exhaustion.

Choose a toothpaste with the herb myrrh, because it has a powerful effect on the nervous system and reaches into the psyche to help us transcend and transform aspects of material existence.

Create a sachet (or just put a drop of oil on a kleenex) containing marjoram and use it on a desk, under your pillow, or in another area where concentration is required. Marjoram can release tensions and quell worry when you're under pressure (that's why it has been traditionally used at weddings). This herb is effective in reducing insomnia and grief.

Use Idaho Balsam Fir to help you let go of what is old and useless and to restore confidence. Fir also helps reverse short-term memory loss. Finally, it restores a positive self-identify and promotes a vibrant self-image.

You can order pure therapeutic grade essential oils on-line at:
http://www.youngliving.com If it's your first order you will need to enter the following number for BOTH enroller and sponsor : 322979 or call me at 303 755-2669 and I'd be happy to set you up. Or call the company at 800-371-2928 and order.