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Monday, September 19, 2005

Nepal Update September 2005

I got this email today from TibetInfoNet:

03 September 2005

Report documents pressure on Tibetans in Nepal A new report, Dangerous Crossing, published by the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), argues that China has taken advantage of Nepal's political turmoil.

The report claims that recent Tibetan escapee's and longstanding Tibetan residents in Nepal face increasing personal risk since the seizure of power by King Gyanendra in February 2005. Since this time, the Office of the Dalai Lama, and the Tibetan Refugees Welfare Office in Kathmandu have been shut down, significantly contributing to the increase in refoulement incidents of Tibetans between 2004-5. The number of complaints by Tibetans arriving in Nepal, of abuse, theft, beatings and harassment by Nepalese police and armed forces has risen. The report claims that some Tibetans are by-passing the Tibetan Refugee Reception Center in Kathmandu, due to fears over their safety at the centre.

We need to pray for all the Tibetans in Nepal and especially for
those at Triten Norbutse.

7 September 2005

USA plans to resettle Tibetan refugees from Nepal (Tibet.net) The United States have announced their willingness to consider resettling Tibetans in the United States, as part of its refugee admissions program. "If approved, this program would resettle certain Tibetans living in Nepal, with all applicants requiring approval by the US Department of Homeland Security before admission. While criteria have not yet been formulated, it is currently envisioned that this program will be directed towards Tibetans who have been in Nepal for a number of years and who are particularly vulnerable".

Perhaps some will end up in Colorado, Virginia, California, NY and Texas. It seems like the prophecy of the dharma moving to the West continues to be confirmed.

If you know personally anything about this situation or updates, please post your
comment. Thank you.