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Sunday, May 14, 2006

A-krid dream 5-06

Dream Marsha Camblin had either the night before or the night following the A-Krid empowerment (Saturday or Sunday night May 7th or 8th, 2006).

I was an invited guest at a wedding. So all the guests were observing the ceremony.
The bride was dressed in her wedding dress, but she was to perform sort of a Houdini
escape artist feat before she took her vows. So she was hanging upside down from a tree and we were all outside. The guests were all observers. She was hanging there struggling and making muffled noises, which we assumed were to entertain us. (She was bound and gagged.) So after a time we all noticed that she was no longer moving and had not yet escaped. When we got her down from the tree we realized that she had died right before our eyes. She must have been really screaming and trying to communicate that something had gone wrong, but we all just watched unconcerned and were not paying too much attention. We were all relaxed, visiting, enjoying each other and having fun.

So then the police came to investigate and we all milled around in shock and would leave and return over and over again. Finally after the police declared it an accident, we all returned to our homes feeling sad. We were all numb and not thinking clearly, so no one went home with the prospective groom to comfort and support him. He killed himself later that night.

So the observers (participants) survived feeling a lot of compassion as well as partially responsible, guilty and saddened by the deaths of their friends.

End of dream.

I think this dream is packed full of symbolism and I have had my own interpretations, but different people may see different things. If you would like to comment on this dream, please do.