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Monday, January 02, 2006

Feng Shui scents to reduce feelings of confusion and haziness

Try essential oils of Eucalyptus, hyssop, myrrh, marjoram, and fir

All scents are associated with one of feng shui's five elements. The metal element helps clarify mental processes and stimulates the gathering of information and the shaping of ideas. Choosing one of the metal element scents helps you focus on the solutions you may need following a loss and keeps you engaged in mitigating emotional pain.

Suggested Cures: Diffuse eucalyptus oil to help you overcome the inability to move forward and to enhance your ability to relinquish whatever no longer serves you.

Purchase hyssop essential oil and use it on a scent ring - the kind that rests on a lamps light bulb - to dispel gloom and negativity and improve concentration by invigorating your mind and reducing nervous exhaustion.

Choose a toothpaste with the herb myrrh, because it has a powerful effect on the nervous system and reaches into the psyche to help us transcend and transform aspects of material existence.

Create a sachet (or just put a drop of oil on a kleenex) containing marjoram and use it on a desk, under your pillow, or in another area where concentration is required. Marjoram can release tensions and quell worry when you're under pressure (that's why it has been traditionally used at weddings). This herb is effective in reducing insomnia and grief.

Use Idaho Balsam Fir to help you let go of what is old and useless and to restore confidence. Fir also helps reverse short-term memory loss. Finally, it restores a positive self-identify and promotes a vibrant self-image.

You can order pure therapeutic grade essential oils on-line at:
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