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Sunday, July 02, 2006

An Uncomfortable Truth

Yesterday I saw the Al Gore movie An Uncomfortable Truth.
It was quite disturbing and the science was absolutely
undisputed truth! Every high school and college should
be showing this movie and every voter needs to be
responsible to make a difference for the future seven
generations. If you haven't seen it, this one is a must see.

Once it is out on DVD purchase it and show it to all your
friends and then donate it to your local library.

I have also recently found a great website which you
should all check out http://yourquestion.org - it is a site
designed to solve the world problems by asking the right
questions. I highly recommend this one. We all need to
join together and find some solutions. I invite your comments.
What is your reaction to this website? What would you like
to change about the world?

Turn your apathy into activity or as the old Native American
prayer goes "When you pray, move your feet!"

Check out Dropping Knowledge.org to reflect on the topics of greatest concern to the global public.


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