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Friday, June 16, 2006

Thokchas of Early Tibet

Thokchas are copper alloy artifacts which have frequently been found at sacred sites in Tibet along side of petroglyphs or rock carvings. These small metal objects are believed to be as old as the pre-Buddhist period. They frequently are not well known by scholars. John Vincent Bellezza has done a great deal of exploration at old Bonpo sacred sites and caves and has written scholarly archaeological research articles about them.

Most of the specimens of thokchas and petroglyphs come from Töd and Changthang in northern or western Tibet. This area was formerly known as Zhang Zhung. Thokchas were used as amulets. The root of the word Thokcha is thog which can be translates are primordial, first, or thunderbolt and would translate as either thunderbold iron or first metal. According to mythology thokchas came into being when metal thunderbolts struck the ground. These talismans were highly valued religious objects.

To learn more about thokchas and to view some pictures of them do an internet search for John Vincent Bellezza.


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