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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dalai Lama is Discouraged with China Situation

Beijing has not and will not move one inch on Tibet. Many recent events may have led to His Holiness becoming disillusioned. One of these events was his brother’s recent death in the United States. His older brother never believed that the Chinese would allow autonomy for Tibet. Also the events that took place in China during the summer months surrounding the Olympic Games were discouraging.

As a result he has decided to leave the decisions about Tibet to the people of Tibet and to the Tibetan refugees to decide how to proceed. His Holiness has set up a meeting in Dharamshala for this purpose coming up from November. 17-to-22, 2008. His wish is that this be decided democratically. He has removed himself from the equation.

The Dalai Lama has conceded that the Chinese Communist Party has never been sincere about negotiations with Tibetans. In an editorial in the Taipai Times they state: “For all the differences between Taiwan, a sovereign country, and Tibet, which has been controlled by the People’s Republic of China since 1951, the Taiwanese public can no doubt sympathize with the Dalai Lama’s distress.”

The good news is that His Holiness has been released from the hospital in India subsequent to gall bladder surgery and is recovering.


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