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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Help those less fortunate.

The power of YOUR energy can help those less fortunate.

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice,
you have chosen the side of the oppressor." – Desmond Tutu.

Leaders in the free world have called for China’s government to open talks with the Dalai Lama to achieve an end to the violence and bloodshed in Tibet. But first, China must realize that peace and reconciliation is a great accomplishment, one that does not incur any loss of face.

The Dalai Lama has asked each of us to do whatever we can to make sure the world knows that Tibet needs our support – to help get information out and also to pray for ALL those involved, for the Chinese as well as for the Tibetan people.

There are many Tibetans who are suffering and need our help. But what can you do?

1. THE power of your thoughts and prayers IS VITAL.
This power must not be underestimated, and you can amplify your power by asking your family and your circle of friends to also help.

2. PRAY and mobilize a prayer group.
Martin Luther King knew our strength comes not from force but from compassion and he had a deep belief about doing a good and just thing. We need millions of prayers to break down this Wall of Terror.

3. Wear a maroon ribbon, the colors of the monks and nuns robes,
as a symbol of your prayers for a creative and peaceful outcome as well as to show your support for Tibetan Solidarity. Too many people are not aware of the situation in Tibet – ask your friends to wear ribbons – we need ribbons EVERYWHERE.

4. Contact media, write letters, call elected officials.
The Chinese insist this is an internal matter – they have censored emails, internet and do not allow reporters free access. They are hiding what they do not want the world to see. Truthful reporting is desperately needed – the current secretive black-out of news only exacerbates the fears of abuse of basic human rights. Does anyone have a way to contact Oprah Winfrey or Anderson Cooper? Charlie Rose has been bringing in excellent groups but we need more education about what is happening.

5. Send everyone you know to http://www.wisdomlovingmother.blogspot.com

In the words of the Tibetan nuns jailed for singing songs of their home land:
"Keep the spirit alive, know the world is watching,
and don't be disheartened."


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