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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lawsuit Against Chinese Leaders

On June 28, 2005 Comite de Apoyo al Tibet, a Madrid-based Tibet
Support Group, coordinated the launch of a historic criminal
indictment against Chinese government officials for crimes
against humanity in Tibet.

A lawsuit was filed against Jiang Zemin (former President of China),
Li Peng (former Primer Minister of China) and five other Chinese officials for crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, torture and terrorism committed upon the Tibetan people, at the National Court
(Audiencia Nacional) in Madrid, Spain.

This is the first-ever case seeking to define the Chinese State's treatment of the Tibetan people, where it is claimed that over 1 million Tibetans were murdered or died at the hands of Chinese officials, and over 90% of the religious and cultural institutions were destroyed.


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